• Paolo Aschieri: Noncommutative Principal Bundles and their gauge group via Drinfeld twist
  • Ruggero Bandiera: Eulerian idempotent, pre-Lie logarithm and combinatorics of trees
  • Jill Ecker: The Vanishing of Cohomology Groups of the Witt and the Virasoro Algebra
  • Niek de Kleijn: Quantizing Infinitesimal Actions through Formality
  • Ulrich Krähmer: Cyclic vs mixed homology
  • Laurent La Fuente Gravy: Moment maps and closed Fedosov's star products
  • Hsuan-Yi Liao: Formality theorem for g-manifolds
  • Madeleine Jotz Lean: Split Lie 2-algebroids and matched pairs of 2-representations
  • Elena Martinengo: Kaledin class and formality of the moduli space of sheaves on K3s.
  • Sergei Merkulov: An explicit two step quantization of Poisson structures and Lie bialgebras
  • Hessel Posthuma: Cyclic homology, Lie algebroids and the adjoint representation
  • Jonas Schnitzer: Generalized Geometry in odd Dimensions
  • Matthias Schötz: Non-formal Deformation Quantisation and (abstract) O*-Algebras
  • Luca Vitagliano: The deformation L-algebroid of a foliation
  • Stefan Waldmann: Convergence of Formal Star Products
  • Thomas Weber: Equivariant Morita Equivalence and Twist Star Products
  • Thomas Willwacher: Rational Homotopy Theory of the little disks operads
  • Marco Zambon: Deformations of presymplectic forms