Joint Meetings on

Noncommutative Geometry and Higher Structures

University of Würzburg, 11--15 September, 2017

The aim of the workshop is to bring together people working on noncommutative geometry, deformation theory and related fields, to promote new collaborations and interaction between senior scientists and students/junior researchers, and give to young mathematicians some perspectives on who is doing what in this field.

The conference will take place in the mathematics department of the University of Würzburg, located at the Hubland campus.

The scientific activities of the conference will start at 2:30 PM on Monday 11 September and finish at 12:30 AM on Friday 15. To register, please send an email with your name and affiliation to

Organizing committee:

Scientific committee:

Speakers include:

  • Paolo Aschieri (Univ. of Piemonte Orientale)
  • Ruggero Bandiera (Penn state University)
  • Niek de Klejin (UL Bruxelles)
  • Ulrich Krähmer (TU Dresden)
  • Laurent La Fuente Gravy (Univ. of Luxembourg)
  • Madeleine Jotz Lean (Univ. of Göttingen)
  • Elena Martinengo (Univ. of Torino)
  • Sergei Merkulov (Univ. of Luxembourg)
  • Hessel Posthuma (Univ. of Amsterdam)
  • Luca Vitagliano (Univ. of Salerno)
  • Stefan Waldmann (Univ. of Würzburg)
  • Thomas Willwacher (ETH Zürich)
  • Marco Zambon (KU Leuven)


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