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Selected articles

  1. Pierre Bieliavsky, Chiara Esposito, Ryszard Nest: Quantization of Hamiltonian coactions via twist
  2. Daniela Kraus, Oliver Roth, Matthias Schötz, Stefan Waldmann: A Convergent Star Product on the Poincaré Disc
    Preprint arXiv:1803.02763 (2018) , 29 pages
  3. Chiara Esposito, Niek de Kleijn: L-infinity-resolutions and twisting in the curved context
  4. Chiara Esposito, Niek de Kleijn: Universal Deformation Formula, Formality and Actions
  5. Matthias Schötz and Stefan Waldmann: Convergent Star Products for Projective Limits of Hilbert Spaces
    J. Funct. Anal. 274 (2018) , 1381--1423 pages
  6. Chiara Esposito, Jonas Schnitzer and Stefan Waldmann: A Universal Construction of Universal Deformation Formulas, Drinfel'd Twists and their Positivity
    Pacific J. Math. 291 (2017) , 319-358 pages
  7. Pierre Bieliavsky, Chiara Esposito, Stefan Waldmann and Thomas Weber: Obstructions for Twist Star Products
    Lett. Math. Phys. 108 (2018) , 1341-1350 pages
  8. Thorsten Reichert: Characteristic classes of star products on Marsden-Weinstein reduced symplectic manifolds
    Lett. Math. Phys. 107 (2017) , 643-658 pages